About us

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New era.

Time for change in the Soviet Union. The first cooperatives started in 1987.....

1989 - MAIJA, the first private salon and hairdressing salon in our country, confidently and boldly took its first step. MAIJA Tallinas 83. First masters: Andrei Silchenko, Ingrida Zilgalve, Sergey Sarkisov.

1989 - 1994:
1992 - MAIJA Brivibas
1994 - MAIJA Satbu

Beginning of cooperation with L’Oréal. Join masters:

  • Natalya Tereshko
  • Larisa Dobish
  • Gunar Piladzis
  • Julija Fadeeva
  • Jurijs Polikashin
  • Igor Fjodorov
  • Cosmetologist Galina Vasilyeva
  • Administrator Mayra

And these are only the first confident steps of the big way of the company MAIJA.

1995 - Studio MAIJA opens
1996 - MAIJA Blaumana
1998 - MAIJA Avotu
1998 - MAIJA becomes a member of HCF
1998 - MAIJA Valdemara

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MAIJA - the company is confidently gaining momentum, expanding its horizons, increasing the number of craftsmen and winning the hearts of Riga fashionistas.

MAIJA 1999 - 2004
We are 10 years old.

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2001 MAIJA opened franchise directions.

MAIJA franchise stores in Riga:

  • Purvciems
  • Yugla
  • Teika
  • Plyavnieki
  • Zolitude

MAIJA franchising in Latvian cities:

  • Saulkrasti
  • Jelgava
  • Liepaja
  • Jurmala

2003 MAIJA began to develop in Russia and opened it's first salons:

  • Moscow (6 salons)
  • St. Petersburg
  • Chelyabinsk
  • Permian
  • Ufa

2004 MAIJA opened 4 salons in Ukraine and Lithuania in Vilnius.

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MAIJA is not only work, study, advanced training, seminars, shows, trips, but also active joint holidays outside work, after work, sometimes even while working with our beloved customers. Expanded, noisy company MAIJA throughout the country.

MAIJA 2004 - 2009
We are 20 years old.

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This period is significant because the company MAIJA takes a new level and opens two salons of the highest level of professional service MAIJA DELUXE, using Kerastase of the best hair care brand.

2006 - MAIJA DELUXE, Republikas Laukums 3
2008 - MAIJA DELUXE, Martas 7

MAIJA continued to develop, to hone their skills in all their areas - cooperation with different, new cosmetic brands, increasing the staff of professional employees: hairdressers, cosmetologists, nail care specialists. Acquisition of new customers, customers - friends who are with us to this day.

MAIJA 2009 - 2014
We are 25 years old.

Here you can already talk about the generations, the child of which led the parents to make their first haircut, today he leads his child. A student who learned in the studio MAIJA, today is a professional master, and the masters who stood at the origins are the leading masters, mentors, and an example for the whole of our large team.

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With us for more than 15 years:

  • Sergey Sarkisov
  • Igor Fedorov
  • Natalya Bakhareva
  • Elena Vavere
  • Natalya Alekseyeva
  • Natalia Vojta
  • Tatjana Zieda
  • Nadezhda Semenova
  • lona Zvyagintseva
  • Irina Belova
  • Olga Soboleva
  • Irena Zaleska
  • Audrone Makarova
  • Marina Gorchakova
  • Anna Chernabrova
  • Diana Erashova
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Two new franchises open:

2009 - MAIJA Vienna
2014 - MAIJA Jurmala, Jomas

MAIJA 2014 - 2019
We are 30 years old.

Significant, exciting, indicative 5 years at MAIJA.

One of its founders, Andrei Silchenko, leaves the company and the leadership of the entire MAIJA company is taken over by Andris Slapyums, who for these 30 years
gives his strength, soul, energy to the main business of his life.

Today, real professionals of the business, friends and people who have been proven over the years provide special assistance in solving many issues:

  • Sergey Sarkisov
  • Diana Erashova
  • Regina Zaitseva
  • Igor Fjodorov
  • Olga Soboleva
  • Laura Kontante
  • Nicole Slapjuma

And also the son Tom Slapyums and wife Olga Shepitskaya.

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MAIJA is the most fashionable trends, an individual approach to each client, professionals in their field, a high-level service, a team that always develops and strives to be the best in its business.

We are 30 years old!