Maija Institute Kerastase, Martas 7

Institute Kérastase — beauty salons are the most luxurious salons in the world with the best stylists from Paris, New York and London, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong ... Israel, India and Lebanon, Latvia, Morocco and Australia. The most beautiful places ... The most talented professionals ... Kérastase is a luxurious efficiency combined with expert diagnostics and individual care. The perfect combination for excellence.

Rīga, Martas iela 7, LV-1011
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr: 09:00 - 21:00
Sa: 09:00 - 20:00
Hair cuttingTop - stylist, EURArt - director, EUR
Hair cutting and styling40 - 4550 - 55
Hair cutting for kids ( up to 12 years )2530
Hair styling25 - 4525 - 45
Evening hairstyle50 - 12050 - 120
Additional services1515
Hair dyeingShot hair, EURHair medium lenght, EURLong hair, EUR
Hair coloring in one color MAJIREL, DIARICHESSE, DIALIGHT556575
Hair coloring in one tone INOA576777
HAMME COVER 5 Male camouflage25
Color removal EFASSOR354555
Full hair dyeing PLATIFIZ, PLATINIUM 506070
Hair strand dyeing (without tone) 708090
Hair strand dyeing with tone DIARICHESSE, DIALIGHT 90100110
Hair strand dyeing + hair coloring MAJIREL, DIARICHESSE, INOA100110120
AIRTOUCH with toning120130180
AIRTOUCH with toning and coloring150180200
HANDTOUCH with toning100110120
Other servicesShot hair, EURHair medium lenght, EURLong hair, EUR
Permanent waves45
Hair extension ( 1 strand )from 5
Hair removal and styling57
Kerastase rituals25 - 65
ManicurePrice, EUR
Manicure with varnish25
Coating with varnish10
Manicure with gel lac35
Manicure with gel lac + recovery38
Combined manicure with leveling gel lac base 45
Coating with gel lac18
Gel lac nails removal8
Extension with gel lac60
Prophylaxis with gel lac 50
One nail repair with gel lac10
PedicurePrice, EUR
Pedicure with gel lac45
Pedicure with gel lac + recovery48
Pedicure "CLEARANCE"50
Pedicure "CLEARANCE" + gel lac55
One nail repair with gel lac10
CosmetologyPrice, Eur
Procedures from I.Zaļeskafrom 60
Procedures from A.Makarovafrom 50
Procedures from E.Lobashovafrom 50
Eyebrow dyeing10
Eyebrow correction10
Eyelash dyeing10
Eyebrow dyeing and correction, eyelash dyeing25
Epilation with hot wax8 - 29
Eyelash extension50
Eyebrow coloring with henna20
Eyebrow coloring with henna + correction25
Facial treatmentsPrice, Eur
Facial treatments from Guinot50 - 85
Facial treatments from Biologique recherchefrom 80
Oxygen cell therapy75
PRX peeling80
Almond peeling60
Oxygen Jet80
Diamond peeling60 - 70
Peelingfrom 60
Hydradermie jeunesse machine procedure for face50
Hydradermie lift machine procedure for face60
Eye Logic machine procedure for face50
AGE Summum60
Hydra peeling PHfrom 60
Hydra peeling Hydrabrasionfrom 60
Lift Summum60
Naturh Bisse Vit "C"80
Naturh Bisse Glyco 3 PEEL80
Express procedure40
Revinol peeling with Retinol80
Biorevitalization (Hyaluderm)140 - 200
Biorevitalization PROFHILO320
SCALP mezotherapy120