About Us

Since the first hairdressing salon "MAIJA" opening year 1989 a decent time has passed, over the years "MAIJA" didn't stand still, constantly developing ints operations, range of services and quality, thus conquering reputation, popularity and authority in field of beauty services.

Currently salon "MAIJA" has salons in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Austria.

The main directions of brand "MAIJA":

MAIJA - classic brand of modern and progressive people. High hairdressing quality, allways new offers and democratic service.

MAIJA DELUXE – elite brand for demanding people. Top class masters, luxury service.

STUDIJA MAIJA – hairdressing training and the creation of new technologies.

Salon network - it is a powerful structure that allows us to offer a very large range of services. Our chosen way of development is primarily based on partnership. Our company and its collective way of life, its style and philosophy, is in continuous development our main task - to be and remain the best in our field!